I have been given a dynamic framework from a third party which does not compile on X86_64 based archs at linker stage due missing symbols, I have asked them repeatedly bundle this architecture with their framework, but they haven't been able to do so until now.

Now my question is the following, I can't find anyway to add the stage embedded binary stage using the build settings, how are the embedded binaries linked to the app during the build/linker process?

I know that if they do so, i might have to strip the arch from the framework, but it beats to not being able to compile the framework.


It turns out that the embedded binary stage is nothing more than xcode copying the .framework into the an target bundle Framework folder so to achieve my final intentions of creating a script that adds a framework completely manually.

Which resulted in two scripts, one that is added right after target dependencies in build phases, must be before compile sources:

if [[ $PLATFORM_NAME == 'iphoneos' ]]; then

    export LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATHS=$LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATHS" "$SDKROOT"/someframework.framework"

and Another script and link binary with Libraries, where i copy and sign the framework.

if [[ $PLATFORM_NAME == 'iphoneos' ]]; then
    mkdir -p $BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR"/"$PRODUCT_NAME".app/Frameworks"
    cp -Rv $PROJECT_DIR"/someframework.framework" $MY_FRAMEWORK

    if [ "${CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY_FOR_ITEMS}" = "" ] ; then

    codesign --force --verbose --sign "${CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY_FOR_ITEMS}" $MY_FRAMEWORK"/<binary of framework>"

this is just a quick rough script i created quickly to achieve this. I only allow this to happen i target is a device as this was my original intentions. but it can be removed.

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    Worked for me! Additionally do not forget to set Runpath Search Path to @executable_path/Frameworks in Build Settings. – Anton Ogarkov Aug 21 '17 at 13:36

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