I'm using Wakatime to log my work hours, I had to change my API Key and now I need to update the plugin in Sublime Text.

The Wakatime FAQ sends me to the plugin repository, but I can't find any options there.


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For Sublime Text, update your api key in your WakaTime.sublime-settings file.

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This file can be found inside the Packages directory in Sublime Text, in my case, having MacOS it is in ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages/WakaTime there I can find the said file.

There you can fill add your api key.

  api_key": "MY-WAKATIME-API-KEY",

More Generic Info

To view your api key: https://wakatime.com/settings/api-key

FAQ about api key: https://wakatime.com/faq#change-api-key

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