Query showing no results and not giving any error .control not entering inside the if block help me out that where is the mistake i am doing ? i have tried many ways to get the result but all in vain. When i tried the following before the if statement

int column=cur.getColumnCount();
Row row=cur.getRow();

then i got the resultset closed exception

Database db=null;
Cursor cur=null;
System.out.print("Printing from accounts class "+Email+Password);
String [] param={Email,Password};

 cur= db.executeQuery("select * from APPUserInfo WHERE Email=? AND Password=?",(String [])param);
int   columns=cur.getColumnCount();
if(columns > 0) {

   boolean next = cur.next();
    while(next) {
      Row currentRow = cur.getRow();
      String LoggedUserName=currentRow.getString(0);
      String LoggedUserPassword=currentRow.getString(1);
      next = cur.next();

    }catch(IOException ex)


  • Are you able to get any result by hitting db directly? – Vimal Bera Nov 4 '16 at 6:24
  • try by putting the line "boolean next = cur.next();" before "int columns=cur.getColumnCount();" – J J Nov 4 '16 at 6:32
  • columnCount () returns 6 but whenever at line " boolean next=cur.next()" it returns false and doesn't enter the while loop and before the while loop i have tried to get the row then the following exception raised – Yasir Nov 4 '16 at 7:02
  • java.sql.SQLException: ResultSet closed at org.sqlite.RS.checkOpen(RS.java:84) at org.sqlite.RS.markCol(RS.java:111) at org.sqlite.RS.getString(RS.java:562) at com.codename1.impl.javase.SECursor.getString(SECursor.java:266) at com.mycompany.myapp.Accounts.AccountsDB.getLoggedInUserInfo(AccountsDB.java:46) at com.mycompany.myapp.TableLayoutDemo.lambda$AccountLogin$5(TableLayoutDemo.java:199) at com.codename1.ui.util.EventDispatcher.fireActionEvent(EventDispatcher.java:349) at com.codename1.ui.Button.fireActionEvent(Button.java:411) – Yasir Nov 4 '16 at 7:06

As @jobin said in the comments the cursor to the result appears before the first entry so until you invoke next() for the first time you don't have access to the data.

It seems that the table is empty which means there is no user in the DB matching email/password. Try removing the email/password clause to get a list of all the users to verify.

  • yep @shai almog thanks i have error i my table columns – Yasir Nov 5 '16 at 8:33

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