Suppose I have a std::string object and a null-terminated array of characters (or C-style string):

std::string str("This is a ");

const char* cstr = "strings are a really important data type.";

How can I append just the first N characters (in this case, 6, so that str will contain This is a string) of a C-style string to a std::string in the cleanest and most efficient way possible?

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How about the append method?

str.append(cstr, 6);
  • For completenes, you can use cstr + n to start from n'th (zero based) character. – user2079303 Nov 4 '16 at 12:37

You can convert const char* to string and then add it for concatenation-

std::string a("Hello ");  
const char* b="World!!!";  
std::string a1(b,5);  

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