I am using Bootstrap 3.3.7 and I'm looking to migrate to v4.

I previously included bootstrap.min.css and bootstrap-theme.min.css in my HTML, but while migrating to v4, I couldn't find bootstrap-theme.min.css anymore, and I didn't know where it was or what alternatives there were.

Where can I get bootstrap-theme.min.css for the latest v4 release or the closest equivalent using vanilla Bootstrap (by only editing SCSS variables)?

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The separate theme (bootstrap-theme.min.css) has been removed from v4.

Replaced the separate optional theme with configurable options via SCSS variables


In order to get it to look a little more like v3 did, you have to add these SCSS variables as per the v4 docs:

$enable-gradients: true;
$enable-shadows: true;

and then re-compile the SCSS source.

Note: Don't forget to follow the migration docs in order to not get any components that aren't working or other migration surprises.


As @wolfy said you should 1st compile scss by changing variable with values $enable-gradients: true; & $enable-shadows: true; to css would do create a bootstrap theme.

Since there is drastic change in navbar API your navbar styling would not work. You have to refer this Twitter Bootstrap navbar API(alpha version) and correct your old html(you may end up spending few hours).

For more updates, you could keep eyes on this github issue

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