I have an angular 2 component that calls the router to navigate to a new component. it passes a set of optional parameters and the new component needs to use them. the parameters are a set of package tracking numbers that do not have a set number and do not have different names. I have this.route.params which is an Observable<> but what I need is an array of string. here is what starts the process:

private trackingNumbers: string[];
this.router.navigate(['/tracklist' , this.trackingNumbers ]);

so the url looks like: localhost:3000/tracklist;0=1111;1=2222;2=333 so in the tracklist component I want to find out how many tracking numbers were passed and what they are. I want to turn the observable params to an array of strings like it was before the navigate call.


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you can use ActivatedRoute from angular 2 router in your tracklist component:

import { ActivatedRoute } from '@angular/router';

constructor(private route: ActivatedRoute) {
    this.route.params.subscribe(p => {

console.log should look like this:

Object { 0: 1111, 1: 2222, 2:333 }

so all you have to do is to take the p and push it into an array or something like this.

Instead of console.log(p):


And now the tracklist component should have all the params stored in an array.

  • Thank you! that was what I needed to get past the hump! I did use one more bit that I want to add here so that anyone else who is new at this can get it all working. I added an array to my trypescript as an array of string and used the syntax : this.trackingNumbers = Object.values(p); to make the object{} into an array of strings. – figuerres Nov 7 '16 at 14:50

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