This seems like a question that should be easily be googleable. It is not though. Can anybody help?

How do I create a new user for rabbitmq?

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I have found this very useful

This adds a new user and password

rabbitmqctl add_user username password

This makes the user a administrator

rabbitmqctl set_user_tags username administrator

This sets permissions for the user

rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p / username ".*" ".*" ".*"

See more here https://www.rabbitmq.com/rabbitmqctl.8.html#User_Management


You can use the rabbitmqctl tool - look for subtitle User management. The command to create a user is:

$ rabbitmqctl add_user myUser myPass

To make user an administrator run:

$ rabbitmqctl set_user_tags myUser administrator

Also if you use rabbitmq web UI - the management plugin you can do it quite easily, it's pretty intuitive.

If you want to do it programmatically you can also use rabbitmq rest API, also explained in (on?) the link for management plugin.

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you want to add new user for RabbitMQ server just run below comments cmd :

  1. rabbitmqctl add_user test test
  2. rabbitmqctl set_user_tags test administrator
  3. rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p / test ".*" ".*" ".*"

To enable RabbitMQ admin management user please follow :

  • rabbitmqctl add_user daniel daniel
  • rabbitmqctl set_user_tags daniel administrator
  • rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p / daniel ".*" ".*" ".*"
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Now access your RabbitMQ admin on the your host as :


and, log in with your above user account!


Once the management plugin has been enabled you can also use the REST API.

PUT /api/users/name

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