We have created 2 applications: 1 application to serve PC-sized screen users and another for mobile users. Both projects will be hosted on different Tomcat instances inside a ROOT folder.

If we have different urls for both the applications (e.g. for desktop we have www.xyz.com and for mobile m.xyz.com) then it works very well for us.

But we don't want different domains for both. Rather, we want the same url to work for both the websites. So that according to the platform, the specific application changes but url is the same.

Like ROOT.war on Tomcat 1 and ROOt.war on Tomcat 2, they run both on same url abc.com. So, using the same URL for both mobile and desktop applications, but the actual application is selected based upon whether the user is mobile or not.

How can I accomplish this?

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    Meet responsive design. Nov 5 '16 at 9:57
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  • How can you tell that the user is mobile versus desktop? Nov 5 '16 at 16:59

To do this, you need a reverse proxy in front of the two applications. It's easy to do with httpd and Tomcat. Here's one way you could do it:

  1. Configure httpd to use mod_jk to proxy to Tomcat (in general).
  2. Configure mod_jk with a worker for each of your applications (desktop, mobile).
  3. Configure httpd with mod_setenvif to choose the worker based upon some criteria (e.g. user-agent). You can use mod_rewrite if you want even more complicated configuration.

    JkWorkerIndicator JK_WORKER_NAME ## Note this is the default

    SetEnv JK_WORKER_NAME=desktop-worker ## Your default site

    BrowserMatch "mobile" JK_WORKER_NAME=mobile-worker

    SetHandler jakarta-servlet ## replaces JkMount

This will select the worker name depending upon your criteria (looking for "mobile" in the client's User-Agent header in this example.

If this were my product, I'd try to build it all together in a single application with responsive design, hiding workflows that aren't appropriate for space-constrained devices.

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