We've got the Dynamics 365 trial which is release on 1st November 2016 , the trial is in my name (hence I am the Admin).

To this, we're trying to add the Project Service Automation from AppSource. When we click on Try, it gives the below error:

You do not have install permissions to the Dynamics 365 organization. Send a note to ask your admin to add the application, or sign up for a free trial and add it to that.

Tried sending the request to the admin like this:

Request to install application

Which gives the below error:

unexpected server error

What is the fix?


I was having the same issue. But found a solution when I set my Global admin to system admin also. Go to your CRM account, Settings Tab -> Security -> Users -> Select your Global Admin user and Promote it to admin. Then try adding Project Service Automation.

Reference Snapshot

Cheers, Sohil.

  • Perfect, this is what I needed. Thanks a loads man!
    – xameeramir
    Nov 7 '16 at 7:23

How to add an app in Dynamics 365 after permissions are granted.

Office 365 Admin center

  • Click on the Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365

  • Click on Manage your Dynamics 365 settings

Manage your Dynamics 365 settings

  • Select the Dynamics 365 instance in concern

Dynamics 365 instance

  • Click Solutions

  • Click Install to install the packages as needed

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