when i am trying to upload a video file to cloudinary and restrict the file size to 20mb it is not working properly. How to apply the condition for file size restriction ? Below is my javascript code and html code

$(document).ready(function() {

$('#upload_file').bind('change', function() {
  var file_size = this.files[0].size;
  if (file_size < 200000) {
    $('#upload_file').unsigned_cloudinary_upload('xyz', {
      cloud_name: 'xyz',
      tags: 'upload'
    }).bind('cloudinarydone', function(e, data) {
      public_id = data.result.public_id;

    }).bind('cloudinarystart', function(e, data) {
      transform = {
        cloud_name: 'xyz'
    }).bind('cloudinaryprogress', function(e, data) {
        Math.round((data.loaded * 100.0) / data.total) + '%')
  } else {
    alert("File size is greater than 20MB")
  <input name="file" type="file" id="upload_file" accept="video/mp4,video/x-m4v,video/*">
  <input type="text" name="cloudinary_response" id="cloudinary_response">


Restricting video size is available as a built-in feature. All you have to do is set the maxFileSize parameter as demonstrated here:


Make sure to import the required JS files (in the right order), as mentioned in the docs.

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