I am using Jekyll on my Github Page. I created a blog post using MathJax to display math equations.

I used the script written in here in a file mathjax_support.html that I put in my _includesdirectory. Then in _includes/head.html I added the line

{% include mathjax_support.html %}

just before the </head>.

Once I do that, running my Jekyll blog locally on localhost works just fine but commiting to my Github Page will break the MathJax code.

Here is the blog post on Github that I am trying to display correctly. I am using kramdown as my markdown parser.

I cannot understand why it works on one side and not the other.

If anyone has any idea, I would be happy to hear it. Thanks !


You don't really need to get MathJax working on your GitHub Page. You can instead implement this hack:

  • Step 1) Run the blog locally and take screenshots of all expressions
  • Step 2) Commit the screenshots to your GH Page or upload them to an image hosting service
  • Step 3) Replace all expressions with their respective images, e.g replace $x+2=3$ with $x+2=3$ rendered in MathJax. Use direct links or browsers will be unable to load the images!

    Btw, this is the Markdown syntax for inline images: ![description of the image, in case it doesn't get loaded](link-to-the-image "mouseover text (optional)")

  • Step 4) That's it! Now you can commit everything to the GH Page and have it work just fine.

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    There are some good reasons to use mathjax. E.g. You don't need to do new screenshots if you make corrections, you get highres formulas, can get explanations etc – deveth0 Dec 22 '16 at 18:12

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