A hyperlink in reStructuredTest looks like this:

A hyperlink_ is a reference to a data.

.. _hyperlink: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperlink

This works great for languages like English, as each word is clearly separated by a space. However, in some other languages, this may not be always the case. Take Korean for example.

하이퍼링크는 ... (apparently a non-trivial amount of CJK characters are not allowed in StackOverflow, so I'm removing all CJK except for absolutely necessary parts).

Here, '하이퍼링크' is a noun and the tailing character '는' is a postposition. The problem is that if I try to make the word '하이퍼링크' a hyperlink, I'm given two choices.

  1. 하이퍼링크_ 는 ... This produces an output like

    하이퍼링크 는 ...

    with an undesired space after the word 'hyperlink'.

  2. 하이퍼링크_는 ... This won't be recognized by the rst compiler as a valid hyperlink.

I would like a hyperlink without a space at the end of it. Is this possible with reStructuredText?


I figured spaces can be escaped with a backslash \ just like other syntactical components of reStructuredText (such as an underscore _ or a colon :).

하이퍼링크_\ 는 자료를 가리킬 수 있는 참조 고리이다.

_하이퍼링크: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperlink

This will produce a desired output.


The character level inline markup option in docutils 0.13+ can help. With this option enabled you can write 하이퍼링크_는 and it can recognize it as valid hyperlink, but you have to add the following switch when compiling:

python rst2html.py --character-level-inline-markup 1.rst > 1.html

Note however it might mess up if your hyperlink contains underscores. So use with care.

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