I have doubt in LDAP user manager mapping. Is that possible to have multiple manager for a single user in LDAP. I have one user details of ldap, it contains only one manager mapping with attribute "manager" as shown below.

version: 1 dn: CN=sangeeth,OU=User,DC=domain,DC=com objectClass: user objectClass: organizationalPerson objectClass: person objectClass: top c: IN cn: sangeeth manager: CN=kumar,OU=User,DC=domain,DC=com

Here "CN=kumar,OU=User,DC=domain,DC=com" is the manager of user "CN=sangeeth,OU=User,DC=domain,DC=com". How can i map more than one manager for user sangeeth in LDAP ? . Please let me know if any clarifications required.

If it is possible to add more than one manager for a user, then how can i query a data from LDAP?

Thanks in advance.


You can not. The manager attribute is marked as: Is-Single-Valued True

You could,, if you are knowledgable, add a new attribute (like mymanager) that is multi-valued. That would require modioficaiton of the Microsoft Active Directory Schema and it is tricky and not a reversable process.


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