need your help with google spreadsheet.

Here is example of data: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JGLQ0UoafpFkoDm7hstVnZPK96sf3g9sSuGxBmruG3Y/edit?usp=sharing

I need to import to another sheet data from this table based on data in column E. So if there is some item in column E more than once, i need to import only one example (row) of it (any).

I tried to use formula Unique(), but it doesn't work as column D is always Unique, so in this case all data is imported anyway.

In the Sheet 2, I have also tried to import first of all data form column E, and than based on it to import rest of information with the help of Sumproduct(). I tried to use Filter() but its has error about mismatched range sizes.

Would really appreciate your help, Feel free to modify example sheet.


If you just want to return the first row containing the unique value in column E then this formula should work in cell H2:


I added it to a 'Copy of Sheet2' tab in your example sheet

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