How can I truncate a table with CakePHP 3.x

I get the truncate query by this:


but what is the best practice to execute it


This code working well, thanks to @ndm for his comment that helped the answer to be better.

    //In Coupons Controller
    $this->Coupons->connection()->transactional(function ($conn) {
        $sqls = $this->Coupons->schema()->truncateSql($this->Coupons->connection());
        foreach ($sqls as $sql) {
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    You shoud reuse $this->Coupons->connection(), also use foreach to iterate over and execute all possible SQL statements returned by truncateSql(), and finally wrap this in a transaction. Other than that, that's generally how it's done, there are no other methods supplied by the framework for truncating tables. – ndm Nov 7 '16 at 11:42
  • thanks @ndm I updated my answer – Eymen Elkum Nov 7 '16 at 12:14

In CakePHP4 you can use the following code to truncate a table:

$table = $this->Coupons;
$sqls = $table->getSchema()->truncateSql($table->getConnection());
foreach ($sqls as $sql) {

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