I use MongoID throughout my Rails project. I basically had a query like

def available_skus
  skus.is_active.in_stock.order_by({:discount => :desc}, {:quantity => :desc})

It refers partially to the scope inside my Sku model which's an embedded collection.

I've the following scopes in there

scope :is_active, -> { where(:status => true) }
scope :in_stock,  -> { any_of({:unlimited => true}, {:quantity.gt => 0}) }
scope :can_buy,   -> { is_active.in_stock }

I created can_buy to avoid repetition since I use is_active.in_stock together very often and it has a specific meaning ; you can buy this sku.

In short, if I write skus.is_active.in_stock it works perfectly and get some results, but if I use skus.can_buy then it gives no result.

I don't understand the behaviour here. Isn't can_buy a simple shortcut to the two other scopes ?

  • you can check the difference by running these in console: 1. skus.is_active.in_stock.selector and 2. skus.can_buy.selector – Jagdeep Singh Nov 8 '16 at 6:31
  • Note the $and and $or statements carefully. – Jagdeep Singh Nov 8 '16 at 6:32

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