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I'm using docker native, version 1.12.1-stable (build: 7135) on Windows 10 Pro with Hyper-V enabled. So docker is not running with VirtualBox nor do I have the folder C:\Users\username\.docker

I'd like to move docker's images, caches, ... to my secondary drive D:\

I guess I should edit the Docker Daemon configuration.

Docker Daemon Configuration

I tried to add "graph": "/D/docker". Docker started correctly but I couldn't pull any image because of an error

open /D/docker/tmp/GetImageBlob135686954: no such file or directory

How to tell docker to use another path to store its images, etc ?


I found a solution here

Docker native, on Windows, runs in a Hyper-V virtual machine.

Move existing docker VM

I have to move the VM used by docker to the desired location. I did this using the GUI of Hyper-V manager. The VM for docker is called MobyLinuxVM.

  • Right-click MobyLinuxVM
  • Select Move
  • Select desired location

Set location of futures Hyper-V VMs

And to be sure futures VMs of Hyper-V will be stored on my secondary drive, I followed those instructions

In a powershell terminal (destination folders must exist)

SET-VMHOST –computername <computer> –virtualharddiskpath 'D:\Hyper-V_Virtual-Hard_Disks' SET-VMHOST –computername <computer> –virtualmachinepath 'D:\Hyper-V_VMs'


There is an easier way to do this: Go to Docker Settings > Advanced > Change "Disk image location" and click "Apply" when prompted. Docker engine will shut down the VM and move it for you to the new location.

Warning: new location must not be compressed. If it is then Docker will not show you any error, just won't change location.

  • what docker version you use? cause i dont have Advance – Mostafa Jan 4 at 6:00
  • 1
    I have been trying this and when I apply the changes, Docker simply sets it back to the location in c:\Users\Public\Documents where it wants everything by default – uglycoyote Mar 30 at 5:21

edit the Docker Daemon configuration and use "graph": "D:\\docker" instead of "graph": "/D/docker"

that will move all the newly downloaded images to D:\docker folder

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