Hello I'm using ESAPI for encoding and decoding strings to avoid script attacks and I'm using it like this:

   public static String encode(String value) {
    if (value == null) {
        return null;
    Encoder encoder = ESAPI.encoder();
    return encoder.encodeForHTML(encoder.canonicalize(value));

The problem is if I pass String with "%" sign, and decode using StringEscapeUtils unescapeHtml it changes "%" to � should I use different method for unescaping ?


I believe this seems to be an issue with ESAPI defaultencoder canonilize method, just found one issue tracker in mentioned GitHub link https://github.com/ESAPI/esapi-java/issues/1


The problem is in using Encoder.canonicalize() as you're doing here. canonicalize before input validation, not before output.

Just use the encoding methods here, do not use the canonicalize method.

Other wise suggestions for canonicalize:

  1. Do not persist the canonicalized value. Only use it to perform validation logic against. Meaning, RawInput->Canonicalize->Validate. If validated, persist/process the original value.

  2. The main advantage of the method is in detection of mixed or multiple encoding attacks.

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