I have followed the edureka blog for HA configuration.

Link : http://www.edureka.co/blog/how-to-set-up-hadoop-cluster-with-hdfs-high-availability/

Everything seems to be coming fine, except the failover daemons

i.e. i have 3 nodes(NN1, NN2 and DN1) and have daemons Namenode, JournalNode, QuorumPeerMain

But when executing command hdfs zkfc formatZK, it is throwing error.

When checked the logs, it says

Operation category JOURNAL is not supported in state standby

I also have executed 2 more commands

hdfs haadmin -getServiceState nn1 -- status shown is standby

hdfs haadmin -getServiceState nn2 -- status shown is standby

Issue : None of the namenode is in active mode.

Please suggest what is going wrong.

Note: I have the property of automatic-failover in hdfs-site.xml set to true.

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Try to run the commands in the next order:

First start zookeeper: zkServer.sh start

Then the next commands:

  1. (only on namenode 1): hdfs zkfc -formatZK
  2. (on all namenodes): hadoop-daemon.sh start journalnode
  3. (only on namenode 1): hadoop namenode -format
  4. (only on namenode 1): hadoop-daemon.sh start namenode
  5. (only on namenode 2): hadoop namenode -bootstrapStandby
  6. (only on namenode 2): hadoop-daemon.sh start namenode
  7. (on all namenodes): hadoop-daemon.sh start zkfc

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