I am attempting to create a button where a user can print the page for their records, but it keeps showing up blank using formly, I'm assuming because the form is being generated dynamically. I am using a print directive in the Print button:

    (function (angular) {
    'use strict';
    function printDirective() {
        var printSection = document.getElementById('printSection');
        // if there is no printing section, create one
        if (!printSection) {
            printSection = document.createElement('div');
            printSection.id = 'printSection';
        function link(scope, element, attrs) {
            element.on('click', function () {
                var elemToPrint = document.getElementById(attrs.printElementId);
                if (elemToPrint) {
            window.onafterprint = function () {
                // clean the print section before adding new content
                printSection.innerHTML = '';
        function printElement(elem) {
            // clones the element you want to print
            var domClone = elem.cloneNode(true);
        return {
            link: link,
            restrict: 'A'
    angular.module('formlyApp').directive('ngPrint', [printDirective]);

and here is the print button:

<button class="btn btnSubmit" type="submit" ng-print  print-element-id="printSection" ng-hide="vm.iForm.$invalid">Print and Save</button>

The print window pops up when I press the button, but the page is blank other than showing the Name of the page and date. How can I get formly fields to print out?


Have a look at angularPrint. It makes it super easy.

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