I am currently trying to create an SKShapeNode with a pulsing effect SKAction seen here: Pulsing Shape Node

At the moment, this is a parent node containing two nodes: one for the main body of the shape and one for the outline shape which fades out. As a result, the parent node is being recognised upon touch with bounds extending to the 'outline' child node.

Is there an alternative way of creating the pulsing-outline effect I want without having to create separate nodes? i.e. as an SKAction Or perhaps, is there a way to constrain the size of the containing node to the main shape body and still be able to see the outline effect?

  • I am not aware of anything that can do what you are asking. You have more than just an outline, you literally have 2 different shapes happening, (A hollowed out star, and a smaller star on the inside). This will require 2 nodes. Now if I were you, make your smaller child the one that has the userInteractionEnabled, not the parent node. and if you need the touch code inside the parent, just call parent touch method from the child – Knight0fDragon Nov 8 '16 at 16:03

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