I want to return true if "inStock" key exists AND all values in the list are true. If not, then return false.

val product = Map("ids" -> List("1" ,"2", "3"), "inStock" -> List("true", "false", "true", "true"))

product.get("inStock").map(x => x.forall(true))  // doesnt' work currently

<console>:13: error: type mismatch;
 found   : Boolean(true)
 required: String => Boolean

I should also safely parse the string value to a boolean like:

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You need not convert to Boolean type

product.get("inStock").map(_.forall(_ == "true")).getOrElse(false)

Beware below line can throw exception if inStock key is not present in the map.

product("inStock").forall(_ == "true")

Scala REPL

scala> val product = Map("ids" -> List("1" ,"2", "3"), "inStock" -> List("true", "false", "true", "true"))
product: Map[String, List[String]] = Map("ids" -> List("1", "2", "3"), "inStock" -> List("true", "false", "true", "true"))

scala> import scala.util._
import scala.util._

scala> product.get("inStock").map(_.forall(_ == "true")).getOrElse(false)
res7: Boolean = false

scala> product.get("foo").map(_.forall(_ == "true")).getOrElse(false)
res8: Boolean = false

Lurking Danger with NoSuchElementException

scala> product("foo").forall(_ == "true")
java.util.NoSuchElementException: key not found: foo

Fool proof way

scala> product.get("foo").map(_.forall(_ == "true")).getOrElse(false)
res7: Boolean = false

More typesafe

  .toSeq.flatten.map(elem => Try(elem.toBoolean))
  .collect { case Success(value) => value}
  .reduce(_ && _)

for comprehension

Use the fact that Option is an iterable.

(for {
    list <- product.get("inStock").iterator
    elem <- list.iterator
    result <- Try(elem.toBoolean).toOption.iterator
  } yield result).reduce(_ && _)

This will return the Boolean you're looking for.

product("inStock").forall(_ == "true")

This will return a Failure if someone has misspelled "true" or "false", or if there is no "inStock" key in the Map.

Try( product("inStock").map(_.toBoolean).reduce(_ && _) )  // Success(false)

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