I'm practicing on python regex substitution with macros in property sheet. In a brute-force way, I'm doing something like:

config_regex = re.compile(r'$(Configuration)')
test_str = r'<Import Project="$(SolutionDir)\PropertySheets\Optimization.$(Configuration).props" />'
print config_regex.sub(r'Release', test_str)

However, the macro in my test string doesn't seem to be substituted. It still prints:

<Import Project="$(SolutionDir)\PropertySheets\Optimization.$(Configuration).props" />

Please help me out a little. Thanks.

  • Why use a regex here? Anyway, $, ( and ) must be escaped since they are special regex metacharacters. – Wiktor Stribiżew Nov 8 '16 at 23:47
  • You should use double quotes to escape regex meta-characters like so: config_regex = re.compile(r"\$\(Configuration\)") – Oluwafemi Sule Nov 9 '16 at 0:04

EDIT: (Tim's comment is right) If the regex starts with $ it will try to match at the beginning end of the string

Also, the parentheses have a special meaning in the exp (capture)

You should try with \ before those characters, or use the escape function in the re module

  • $ matches at the end of the string. – Tim Nov 9 '16 at 0:29

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