I want to change the password to an specific user of a james server.

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You can connect to James Remote Administration Tool via Telnet

telnet <ip> 4555

The default credentials are login: root password: root

Once connected, simply run this command:

setpassword [username] [password]

Better : using the commandline client provided by the project.

It use JMX under the hood. The CLI is packages with every distribution of the server. (you can even execute it via maven from here : https://github.com/apache/james-project/tree/master/server/container/cli)

Then, fnkrm is right, you should go for setpassword.

Alternatively, on 3.0-betax we provide optional admin REST APIs. https://github.com/apache/james-project/tree/master/server/protocols/webadmin . Have a look to the corresponding docker images if interested.



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