I am working with a project using Xcode 8.0 and Swift3.

I want to use Memory Graph Debugger but it shows nothing:

enter image description here

Expected appearance (from tutorial):

enter image description here

Why can't I use this feature?

This project was created using Xcode 8 (not migrated from old version of Xcode).

Is bitcode related to this problem?

I am trying to use Memory Graph with "Debug" configuration and bitcode on "Debug" is enabled(YES).

  • I'm getting this problem too... Except, it works in the app until I follow a certain procedure (opening a particular UIViewController and dismissing it). Then I get "No Selection"... :( – Fogmeister Sep 1 '17 at 13:43

Computer restart is what you have to do.

It happened for me too, and no amount of tweaking the settings fixed it - disappointingly, the only thing that worked was a complete restart of the computer.

  • Amazingly, this was the fix for me too. – mxcl Nov 25 '17 at 3:52
  • This worked for me too. I also want to note that happens frequently for me - meaning it's not a situation where you just installed Xcode and it doesn't work. I need to reboot my machine a few times a day, whenever I get this message. Thanks for the tip. I never would have thought to try this! – markand Dec 5 '17 at 13:46
  • I know, it's disappointing as what would be a really useful feature has again been underwhelmingly implemented by Apple. I'm afraid that repeated restarts are not really an option for me as I have too much open, so I'm sticking with Instruments :( – SomaMan Dec 6 '17 at 14:22

This could be because you haven't enabled the things that need to be enabled for your requirements. You could try these two steps:

  • First, launch scheme editing by clicking on "Edit Scheme" as in this screen shot:

enter image description here

  • Second: go to "Diagnostics" and enable the things that you need to work (sometimes I need these two things):

enter image description here

  • Close out of editing schemes and try again.

Props to this answer for shaking my own memory awake on this one.


Restart computer is nor work for me.

And it can work on simulator, so I try to restart my device, and it worked.

on Xcode 10.

Restart your device

  • 1
    Restarting the device worked for me too. Thanks. – Raphael Oliveira May 6 at 3:52

Changing to a different simulator helped in my case.

I have not done any detailed research but still I wanted to share my solution; I had the same problem recently with Xcode 9.4.1 / Swift 4.1. Restarting the computer did not help in my case. However, changing the simulator to 'iPhone 7 - 11.4' (I had used 'iPhone 8 - 11.4' before) solved the problem in my case.

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