I have created container from particular image using command:

$ docker run -d -P selenium/hub

running container status is below:

$ docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND                  CREATED                    STATUS              PORTS                     NAMES
345df9ed5b47        selenium/hub        "/opt/bin/entry_point"   5 seconds ago              Up 4 seconds>4444/tcp   clever_williams

Here default name is "clever_williams" and I forgot to assign new name to it I need to change default name to running container so how can I do that?

  • If you are really struck, you may wipe it out and run again within seconds with new name. – Rao Nov 9 '16 at 6:28
  • I can do that, but I want to know how to do that while containers are running! – Pratik Patel Nov 9 '16 at 12:04

Check if docker rename works for a running container:

docker rename 345df9ed5b47 new_name

(This is for docker 1.10+, from PR 8570)


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