Iphone6s has taptic engine or not, can I use a public API called UIFeedbackGenerator to access it?

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iPhone 7 has a more precise, more flexible Taptic Engine than iPhone 6s — you can use the UIFeedbackGenerator class cluster to get at the richer vocabulary of haptic feedback signals that iPhone 7 supports, but these APIs have no effect on iPhone 6s (or other devices).

iPhone 6s still has a Taptic Engine, but it's not as capable as the newer one — it supports only the haptic signals associated with 3D Touch features. However, it is possible to use those in your app:

  • to build a standard Peek/Pop UI (haptics included) into your app, use standard views that already do it (like table and collection views), set peek/pop segues in your storyboard, and/or adopt the UIViewControllerPreviewing and UIViewControllerPreviewingDelegate protocols in your view controller. You can do this in iOS 9.

  • to provide peek/pop gesture support — including the accompanying haptic feedback — without a UI, or with your own custom UI, use the UIPreviewInteraction class and its delegate protocol. This part requires iOS 10.

For more info about peek/pop, 3D Touch, and haptics in general, see the WWDC16 session "A Peek at 3D Touch" and Apple's guide to Adopting 3D Touch on iPhone.

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Haptic feedback engine have been introduced in iPhone7/7+ and you can use it via UIFeedbackGenerator, here's an example:

let generator = UIImpactFeedbackGenerator(style: .heavy)


As for iPhone 6S/6S I've found kind of fallback, please try it and describe the experience if you do have the device:

import AudioToolbox

AudioServicesPlaySystemSound(1519) // Actuate `Peek` feedback (weak boom)
AudioServicesPlaySystemSound(1520) // Actuate `Pop` feedback (strong boom)
AudioServicesPlaySystemSound(1521) // Actuate `Nope` feedback (series of three weak booms)

I've tried to summarize everything I found with regards to the Haptic feedback here: http://www.mikitamanko.com/blog/2017/01/29/haptic-feedback-with-uifeedbackgenerator/

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