What is the difference between Agent User ID (Settings tab) and User/Password (Transport tab)? Please share the scenarios of both two when configuring the replicating agents in AEM.

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This is well documented in Adobe's documentation here

The context that is missing is to understand the how ACLs work, each user/group has certain privileges/rights; which outside normal CRUD operations include Read ACL, Edit ACL and Replicate. You can read about them here

Now coming to your question, a replication agent has host configuration (the system on which it is setup) and target configuration (the system it connects to). Agent User ID is used for the host system while User/Password on transport tab is for the target system.

For a replication agent on author, the user used in Agent User Id must have read and replicate rights on all path that need to be processed where as user specified in User/Password on transport tab must have create/write access to replicate the content on Publish instance.

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