I have installed the Pycharm Community edition and installed the behave 1.2.5 with the following command.

pip install behave

It was successfully installed and it is available in the Pycharm Project Interpreter as shown below.


But I don't see an option to create the .feature file (Gherkin file) when I right click on the project

Gherkin file

Do I miss anything over here, in Pycharm professional by default Behave BDD is available. How do I configure the behave with Pycharm community.

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AFAIK "BDD support is available only in the PyCharm Professional Edition." Of course, nothing prevents you from creating a file with the .feature extension but you are not going to see options to run your scenarios. You can get some syntax highlighting using the Gherkin plugin and that is as much as you get in the community edition.


how to install gherkin plugin on PyCharm

You can access the Settings by Ctrl + Alt + s and install the gherkin plugin. I just did that and is helping a lot.

  • Why is this answer not upvoted. I was able to create a feature file in Pycharm by adding Gherkin plugin. Feb 2, 2021 at 12:11

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