How to generate response field in client response for DIGEST MD5 challenge, I'am currently using rfc 2831 for reference

Challenge from server as per rfc 2831 example is:


response from client as per rfc 2831 example :


collected details are:

  1. username=chris
  2. password=secret
  3. nonce=OA6MG9tEQGm2hh
  4. nc-value=00000001
  5. cnonce=OA6MHXh6VqTrRk
  6. qop=auth
  7. realm=elwood.innosoft.com
  8. digesturi=imap/elwood.innosoft.com

Response I'm generating doesn't comply with that in rfc 2831 example at page 19

Formulations in rfc 2831

Let H(s) be the 16 octet MD5 hash [RFC 1321] of the octet string s.

Let KD(k, s) be H({k, ":", s}), i.e., the 16 octet hash of the string k, a colon and the string s.

Let HEX(n) be the representation of the 16 octet MD5 hash n as a string of 32 hex digits (with alphabetic characters always in lower case, since MD5 is case sensitive).

Currently i'am using following procedure:

A1 = { H(chris:elwood.innosoft.com:secret), ":", nonce-value, ":", cnonce-value }

online md5 generator

A1 = {eb5a750053e4d2c34aa84bbc9b0b6ee7:OA6MG9tEQGm2hh:OA6MHXh6VqTrRk}

A2 = { "AUTHENTICATE:", digest-uri-value } A2 = {AUTHENTICATE:imap/elwood.innosoft.com}

H(A1) = 54442ff1f394d9d0de1205cef4d9cebe

HEX(H(A1)) = 54442ff1f394d9d0de1205cef4d9cebe

HEX(H(A2)) = 15e3594677e51ade69715d1cb7d207ba

RESPONSE=HEX( KD ( HEX(H(A1)), { nonce-value, ":" nc-value, ":", cnonce-value, ":", qop-value, ":", HEX(H(A2)) }))

RESPONSE=HEX( KD ( 54442ff1f394d9d0de1205cef4d9cebe:OA6MG9tEQGm2hh:00000001:OA6MHXh6VqTrRk:auth:15e3594677e51ade69715d1cb7d207ba))

Response as per above procedure is:


but response value as per rfc is :


Thus response generated above is different from one generated in rfc's example

what changes need to be carried out?

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Sorry, RFC documentation is right, you just miscalculated the hash of A1.

Because, you converted hash value of "H(chris:elwood.innosoft.com:secret)" to hex string. But RFC just says "Let H(s) be the 16 octet MD5 hash".

Just, don't convert hash result to hex string and concatenate with this byte array hash result.

I hope this code helps to explain.

A1 = Md5Hash(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(username + ":" + realm + ":" + password))
          ":" + nonce
        + ":" + cnonce
        + (authzid == null ? "" : (":" + authzid))))

A1 calculation is wrong. The MD5 digest over chris:elwood.innosoft.com:secret in your case is 32-octet hexadecimal, 2 octets per original byte. In the RFC calculation it is 16-octet, 1 octet = 1 byte.


Hi, You have calculated response correctly and example in RFC2831 is not consistent.

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