In my repository, there are some files that has same name, only difference is the first letter is capital or not, like products.sql and Products.sql.

I made a file with small letter when I created, but later I renamed it to first character capital. I didn't remove it from my local computer, just renamed it and committed to Git. But when I checked the repository, there are two of all, capitalized and not!

I want to remove products.sql, not Products.sql only (of course, they are in same path). I tried this:

git rm products.sql

but it removes both Products.sql and products.sql! I don't know why is it happening. As I know, by default, Git is case-insensitive, so before I renamed the files, I was changed the git config to case sensitive to prevent those kind of happening, but looks like I totally failed.

Is there a way to remove those unnecessary files safely? I'm using Bitbucket so I can remove from web, but hey, there are plenty of them, and I want to remove them entirely at once.

git config --global core.ignorecase false

should fix it.

EDIT: This is odd, especially since you're not on windows. A solution would be to copy Products.sql to some other folder (not git controlled), then git rm, then copy back the file then commit.

  • I already did it before renamed the file to capitalize first letter. Type git config --list shows core.ignorecase=false.
    – modernator
    Nov 9 '16 at 16:16
  • Try manually retrieving the file after rm - updated my answer.
    – kabanus
    Nov 9 '16 at 17:16

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