I was in the middle of developing an update to my Xamarin Forms app, but when I debugged it on my iPhone, it crashed immediately on startup with the following message:

Assertion failure in -[UIApplication_runWithMainScene:transitionContext:completion:], /BuildRoot/Library/Caches/com/apple.xbs/Source/UIKit/UIKit-3600.5.2/UIApplication.m:3679

It was previously working fine, but now I can't run the app on my phone anymore without this crash. I have rebuilt several times and deployed from different computers, but nothing helps. How do I fix this issue?

Before this started occurring, I had made some additions to the code. Unfortunately, after removing all of my changes, this issue is still plaguing further development. Any help or resource that might lead me to a solution will be greatly appreciated.

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After some deep searching, it turns out that I mistakenly removed a part of my Application's constructor that initialized the MainPage. As a result, MainPage remained null. The framework probably tried to call a method or access a property without checking if the reference was null, causing the error. I'm not sure how long that mistake has been there.


This can also happen if you are not quick to launch a view. Avoid calling APIs or other lengthy processes before a page is displayed for the first time. You may do that in parallel but not in the same thread that launches the page.

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