Sorry if this is an obvios or dump question but the thing is that i've been having problems with the installation of Djandgo, and the virtualenvs.

I'm a windows 10 user and I've following a series of tutorials of Django in wich they create a virtualenv an inside of it, using pip, they proceed with the installation of the framework.

The problem is that, I drop the old project or virtualenv wich had Django installed and started a new one, a new virtualenv (creating a new folder and typing virtualenv .), and reinstalled django on it but now, when i go throught the cmd to the directory


I receive and error:

Traceback (most recent call last): File "J:\project2\Scripts\django-admin.py", line 2, in from django.core import management ImportError: No module named django.core

is it because I re-installed again Django in another new virtualenv?

Thanks to all :)


you must activete that new venv ...Scripts/activate.py and enjoy ...and install inside venv django, after that go to you project and run 'python manage.py runserver thats all

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