I have the following radio buttons within a PHP loop:

  <table class="table table-bordered optionsChk">
      <td colspan="2"> Select Bench for case </td>
    <?php foreach($db->getRecordSet($sql) as $bench){ ;?>
      <td class="w5">
        <input type="radio" alt="<?php echo($bench['lbl']); ?>" value="<?php echo($bench['sno']); ?>" name="b_sno" id="b_<?php echo($bench['sno']); ?>">
      <td class="w95"> <label for="b_<?php echo($bench['sno']); ?>"><?php echo($bench['lbl']); ?></label> </td>

I am displaying the values of the above with the following function:

function doneBenchSelection() {
  try {
    var benchSno = $("input[type=radio][name=b_sno]:checked").val();
    $("#obj_lst").html("Selected Bench Label: "+$("input[type=radio][name=b_sno]:checked").text());
  } catch(e) {

I want to get the alt="some text" text from the selected radio button:

 $("#obj_lst").html("Selected Bench Label: "+$("input[type=radio][name=b_sno]:checked").text());

Is it the correct and recommended way?


Use the attr function


with a loop if you have multiple radio buttons with different names:

labels = [];
  • Whats the logic behind suggesting loop? When only one radio can be checked at one point
    – Satpal
    Nov 10 '16 at 6:54
  • @Satpal oops didn't know he had the same name for the radio butons :) Nov 10 '16 at 6:57

You need to use .attr(attributeName )

var alt = $("input[type=radio][name=b_sno]:checked").attr('alt')

jQuery's attr function is useful to get attribute value on any element.


Reference: http://api.jquery.com/attr/


You can get any attributes(value, alt, id, class or any custom) of input type by using

$this("anySelector").attr(attribute Name Of input);

var getAtlValue = $("input[type=radio]:checked").attr('alt');

To get the attribute value of any element you can use attr method or you can also use .prop method

Try below code :


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