In the below code sample, what does {0:X2} mean? This is from the reflection section of the MCTS Application Development Foundation book (covering dynamic code, etc.).

foreach(Byte b in body.GetILAsBodyArray())
Console.Write("{0:X2}", b);

This uses the same format as String.Format(). Check out the following reference:


  • X = Hexadecimal format
  • 2 = 2 characters

Beware the length specified is not respected if the number is too large to fit the length.

 long a = 123456789;
 Console.Write("{0:X2}", a);
 ->   75BCD15

This is especially important if you want to show negative hex numbers where all the high bits are set to 1's.

 long a = -1;
 Console.Write("{0:X2}", a);

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