During playing around with intrinsics , after switching to x64 build, compiler showed error message:

C3861   '_mm_hadds_pi16': identifier not found  

So I've checked inside a file tmminitrin.h

#if defined(_M_IX86)
    extern __m64 _mm_hadd_pi16 (__m64, __m64);
    extern __m64 _mm_hadd_pi32 (__m64, __m64);
    extern __m64 _mm_hadds_pi16 (__m64, __m64);

_M_IX86 is not defined in x64 build

I'm confused because in msdn in requirements section it says Architecture x86,x64.

Why in x64 build I'm prevented from using all intrinsics that takes __m64 as parameters and return __m64?

Second question: Is _mm_hadds_pi16() faster or slower than _mm_hadds_epi16() or is it processor specific?

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