Is it possible to create an VSTO add in for multible office applications?

Can I outsource the functions i want to have for every application and then create an Add-in for every application? If yes, is there a better way to achieve this?


Yes - you can just put your common functions into a shared DLL, just like any other application. Since each VSTO project targets a different application structure and potentially UI paradigm, I'd recommend having different VSTO projects in a single solution, and a shared assembly holding the common code.


I recommend making a solution with an add-in project for each Office application.

Then add a class library project to the solution and reference that from each of the add-on projects.

That way you can centralize code used in all add-ins.

If you need to interact with the active application or document, you can detect the type of the calling object and typecast it to the relevant application/document type.


VSTO doesn't support creating multi-host add-ins. You need to create separate projects for each host and use a class library for the shared code base.

Note, Add-in Express allows creating multi-host COM add-ins. So, a single add-in project can be run in multiple hosts. It comes from the IDTExtensibility2 interface. I don't know why VSTO creators didn't provide such feature to developers.


VSTO itself doesn't provide such an option. If you want to get single project for all application you can use shim add-in. That makes possible to run add-in in all applications from the same dll. The only issue -- your code need to handle what application started to call it to run separate logic or to call specific office API functions.

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