I'm trying to retrieve the user PhoneNumber/email using Facebook Account kit.

I'm always getting an error as response:

200: Server generated an error: 145: API calls from the server require an appsecret_proof argument

I already Disabled the option on Facebook Developer Dash Board.

Require app secret for server API calls

Here is my code:

public void onLoginPhone(final View view) {
  final Intent intent = new Intent(getActivity(), AccountKitActivity.class);
  AccountKitConfiguration.AccountKitConfigurationBuilder configurationBuilder =
    new AccountKitConfiguration.AccountKitConfigurationBuilder(
      AccountKitActivity.ResponseType.CODE); // or .ResponseType.TOKEN
  // ... perform additional configuration ...
  startActivityForResult(intent, APP_REQUEST_CODE);

and this is onActivityResult:

AccountKit.getCurrentAccount(new AccountKitCallback<Account>() {
  public void onSuccess(final Account account) {
    // Get Account Kit ID
    String accountKitId = account.getId();

    // Get phone number
    PhoneNumber phoneNumber = account.getPhoneNumber();
    String phoneNumberString = phoneNumber.toString();

    // Get email
    String email = account.getEmail();

  public void onError(final AccountKitError error) {
    // Handle Error
  • That specific API call requires appsecret_proof and has to be done from the server. What you Disabled is just to not require it for all API calls. – WizKid Nov 10 '16 at 18:01

Simple solution to solve above problem, just follow following step.

Step 1 : Go to Facebook developer console


Step 2 : Select your application from the


Step 3: After selecting your application Click on Account kit located at left side panel of console below the product Title.

Step 4 : After click on Account kit you see the Reuired App Secret switch button with yes/no option right side of it.

Step 5 : Turn Off (No) the Reuired App Secret from the there ( below the allow sms login )

Step 6 : Click on Save changes tab.

Step 7 : Run your application, you will got whatever you want.

If you have still any query ask me to any time. may be these help to you or other person.

  • This did not work for me, as I am facing the same problem and the require app secret is turned off in my app, do you suggest another solution? thanks – eyadMhanna Jun 3 '17 at 14:14
  • I have the settings turned on exactly as recommended and STILL get this error, but only on LTE, not on Wifi. imgur.com/a/DQZLa – Geoffrey Plitt Dec 18 '17 at 19:51

I had the same problem. The three steps which solved my problem:

  1. Turn off the option "App Require Secret"

  2. Make sure the option "Enable Client Access Token Flow " has turned on, set to "YES"

  3. User this AccountKitActivity.ResponseType.TOKEN instead of AccountKitActivity.ResponseType.CODE

ResponseType.CODE will never return you the mobile number.

Hope it helps.

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