Is there a reason for not doing so?

My idea is that the potential git diff will happen in package.json. I would like to treat the yarn.lock as a binary.


I posted this question on in Yarn's issue tracker on GitHub. Sebastian McKenzie answered the following:

No it shouldn't. The file is plain text and there can be merge conflicts in the file that you may need to resolve.


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    There have been updates in the issue. For anyone reading this, it's worth to check the issue to see the recommended method of resolving the merge conflicts. – luislhl Jun 14 '17 at 19:13

I don't see any reason to not treat it as so, as it is a file which is not meant to be read by humans.

I have been using it as a binary in a large team for more than one year and we didn't have any problems. And nobody who I talked to run into problems too - please comment if you have, as I am trying to implement it again in another company.

Merge conflicts can be resolved installing the packages again. Talk with your team about this topic and give it a go.

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