In Impala, is it possible to list all tables in a given database with the date each table is created? Something like:

In my_database:

table_1   2016-01-01
table_2   2016-02-12
table_3   2016-05-03

Thanks a lot!

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I don't Think there is a specific command to do what you are asking for:

What we usually do is to list all tables in a given DB:

show tables in db_name

then for each table we run:

show create table table_name

look for the propery transient_lastDdlTime'='1479222568' which shows the timestamp of the creation time. you'll have to change that to a "readable date".

You can do this easily on a python script, installing pyodbc package and cloudera Impala ODBC driver.


This is actually trivially easy with one huge but. With direct READONLY access to the Hive metastore - which may cause additional load that could affect impala and hive performance - you can query table properties directly.

The metastore may be built on a number of different databases - mysql and postgres are both options I believe. Here is an example from my postgres based Metastore.

select "TBL_NAME", "CREATE_TIME" from "TBLS" limit 10;

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