I am working on a project that involves computing a custom route from a particular origin position to a destination on a map. Ideally, this application should be able to give live walking/driving directions for this custom route, or it should able to send this route to the Google Maps or Apple Maps apps to handle the navigation.

Is there a way to accomplish this using the Google Maps SDK or with Apple'sMapKit (or any other framework)? In theory, for short routes, this could be accomplished using the Google Maps waypoints feature, where points along the desired route are pre-specified, but the API is limited to 23 waypoints, which would become problematic quite quickly.

In essence, I want something like Google Maps, but with the route determined by my own algorithm rather than Google's.

  • I'm exactly looking for something like this. Have you got done this? Could you please help me out?. I'm spending more than a week for this. – Maniganda saravanan Jan 23 '17 at 7:14

For custom routes, you could use something like Skobbler or MapBox.

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