I have stored files on gridFS that has extra information stored on them - it is not set on the metadata otherwise I would use this

For Pymongo 3.2.2 we stored information on the same level as the actual data in fs.files (not using the metadata)

so for example we have:

fs.files = [ {
_id, description, title, ...

When I call GridFS.put like so and nothing happens

FS = GridFS(mongo_,)
file.description = request_data.get('description', None)

How can I update that file extra information such as description?

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What is file in your code example? That is, what are you passing to GridFS.put?

To add metadata to a GridFS file, pass additional keyword arguments to put, as it shows in the PyMongo tutorial:

>>> fs.put(b'data', filename='foo', description='my description')

Now the metadata is stored along with your data in GridFS:

>>> gridout = fs.get(ObjectId('5825ea8ea08bff9df5059099'))
>>> gridout.description
u'my description'

Under the hood, you can see that PyMongo stored the metadata in the fs.files collection in MongoDB:

>>> for doc in db.fs.files.find()
...     print(doc.get('description'))
my description

But the better way to access GridFS data is with PyMongo's GridFS API, not by directly querying the collections.

Another way to store metadata is to create a GridIn, set a field, and call close:

>>> gridin = fs.new_file()
>>> gridin.filename = 'foo'
>>> gridin.description = 'my description'
>>> gridin.write(b'data')
>>> gridin.close()

This is a good option if you need to call write multiple times with chunks of data.

  • Yes. All of this is correct. The thing is once you wrote gridin.description = 'my desc' and then fs.put - this will accept it but will not change the description field - you can't update the grindin.description using the gridfs system
    – Gal Bracha
    Nov 12, 2016 at 15:46

Manually update those extra fields without using GridFS:

file = mongo_.fs.files.find_one({'_id': ObjectId(fileId)})
file['description'] = request_data.get('description', None)

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