flow(1) provides a lots of subcommands, including flow suggest, which generates a patch to add type annotations to the given script, and flow ast, which generates AST of the given script.

The AST, generated by flow ast, does not have the inferred types though, whereas flow suggest has very the inferred types.

How can I get the inferred type information that flow(1) creates with flow analysis.

If I have the inferred type information, I could create flow2dst command, a tool to get typescript .d.ts from flowtype script.


Check out flow dump-types. we're hoping to eventually merge it into flow ast so you can get a typed AST from one command.

  • The output of flow dump-types seems just debug logs, but if flow ast includes the inferred types, it seems great. Thanks to the information. – FUJI Goro Nov 13 '16 at 2:25

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