I recently downloaded LLVM-3.9 and built XCode project files for it with:

mkdir llvm-3.9.0.XCode # The .XCode in the name was probably a bad idea
cd llvm-3.9.0.XCode
cmake -G Xcode ../llvm-3.9.0.src/

The cmake then generated a valid looking XCode project files. Then when I tried opening the project directory with XCode, I kept getting error:

Project .../llvm-3.9.0.XCode cannot be opened because it is missing its project.pbxproj file.

Apparently this error message is often the result of corrupt project files, but this is not the problem in my case. It seems this error can be shown due to different reasons. Here are some similar, but not identical questions that did not help me:


The solution I used was this:

cd llvm-3.9.0.XCode
cd LLVM.xcodeproj
open .

In other words, I navigated to the newly generated LLVM.xcodeproj with the shell and used the system open command on that folder.

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