I am developing an Angular 2 app in which I want to use Protocol Buffers to send data to a Go server.

I found this dcodeIO/protobufjs. But I don't understand how should I use this in my project?

I also tried installing the typings for protobufjs using typings install dt~protobufjs --global. When I import it, WebStorm says Cannot find module protobuf.

Any help is appreciated!


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I solved it! I did this npm install @types/protobufjs --save and I got the type definitions.

Then simply used it like this import * as ProtoBuf from 'protobufjs';


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    Thank you for this! And... If you are planning using pbjs and pbts utilities to convert your protos to JS and types install the packages globally (-g npm option). I wasted some time on this. Hope it helps someone.
    – AlexeiOst
    Commented Apr 4, 2019 at 15:01

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