I have a class such as this

class FoundItem : NSObject {

var id : String!
var itemName : String!
var itemId : Int!
var foundBy : String!
var timeFound : String!

init(id: String,
    itemName: String,
    itemId: Int,
    foundBy: String,
    timeFound: String)

    self.id = id
    self.itemName = itemName
    self.itemId = itemId
    self.foundBy = foundBy
    self.timeFound = timeFound


and I reference it on my

class MapViewVC: UIViewController, MKMapViewDelegate {

var found = [FoundItem]()

var filterItemName : String()


My FoundItem are generated by into an array of dictionaries from my class of FoundItem from a firebase query. I then get a string of that itemName that is generated from an another view controller that is a collection view on the didSelection function. I want to take that string and then filter or search the arrays with the string itemName that is equal from the itemName string from my previous viewController. Then removed the array of dictionaries that are not equal to the itemName. Not just the objects, but the entire array that contains non-equal key, value pair. I have looked for days, and I am stuck on filtering an array of dictionaries created from a class. I have looked and tried NSPredicates, for-in loops, but all that ends up happening is creating a new array or bool that finds my values or keys are equal. Here is the current function I have written.

func filterArrayBySearch() {

    if self.filterItemName != nil {


        let namePredicate = NSPredicate(format: "itemName like %@", "\(filterItemName)")
        let nameFilter = found.filter { namePredicate.evaluate(with: $0) }

        var crossRefNames = [String: [FoundItem]]()
        for nameItemArr in found {
            let listName = nameItem.itemName
            let key = listName

            if crossRefNames.index(forKey: key!) != nil {


                if !("\(key)" == "\(filterItemName!)") {

                    print("------------- Success have found [[[[[[    \(key!)    ]]]]]] and \(filterItemName!) to be equal!!")

                     // crossRefNames[key!]?.append(nameItemArr)

                } else {

                    print("!! Could not find if \(key!) and \(filterItemName!) are equal !!")

            } else {

                crossRefNames[key!] = [nameItemArr]

    } else {

        print("No Data from Search/FilterVC Controller")

Can anyone help? It seems like it would be the simple task to find the value and then filter out the dictionaries that are not equal to the itemName string, but I keep hitting a wall. And running into for-in loops myself :P trying different things to achieve the same task.

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I hope I understood what you were asking. You mention an "array of dictionaries" but you don't actually have an array of dictionaries anywhere in the code you've posted.

As far as I can tell, you are asking how to find all the entries in the found array for which itemName equals the filterItemName property.

If so, all you should need to do is:

let foundItems = found.filter { $0.itemName == filterItemName }

That's it.

Some other ideas:

If you want to search for items where filterItemName is contained in the itemName, you could do something like this:

let foundItems = found.filter { $0.itemName.contains(filterItemName) }

You could also make use of the lowercased() function if you want to do case-insensitive search.

You could also return properties of your found elements into an array:

let foundIds = found.filter { $0.itemName == filterItemName }.map { $0.itemId }

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    omg, that is what I missing. I was writing before let foundItems = found.filter{ 0$.itemName == "(filterItemName)"} and i was getting all the arrays back not just the ones equal to filterItemName. The map one isn't necessary because I need the entire array for annotation later on in the project. I think that is totally what I needed. Damn. I have spent days on just a simple logic statement. Now I just need to append that array to one that uses my annotation circleQuery and I think I have solved it. Ill go check it and ill see if it exactly what I needed...Thank you. Nov 13, 2016 at 5:37
  • I hesitated because I am going to post this app in the app store, I changed the names of my class variables along with my function variables. I have been working on this app for over a month now by myself. And I am hoping to get some ad revenue and possibly sell it as I recently lost my job. Thanks again Nov 13, 2016 at 5:43
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    Yes the let foundItems = found.filter { $0.itemName.contains(filterItemName) } was the exact solution I was looking for, cant believe I spent so much time on something so simple. I should have just posted this question days ago. Nov 13, 2016 at 5:53
  • 2
    A good bit of programming advice is if you get stuck on something for more than a day ask for help. Sometimes talking things out is enough, sometimes other people will see like I did that you've just gone down the wrong path entirely. It happens to everyone sometimes. Good luck with your project.
    – par
    Nov 13, 2016 at 5:56

Sort array of dictionary using the following way

var dict:[[String:AnyObject]] = sortedArray.filter{($0["parentId"] as! String) == "compareId"}

The filter function loops over every item in a collection, and returns a collection containing only items that satisfy an include condition.

We can get single object from this array of dictionary , you can use the following code

var dict = sortedArray.filter{($0["parentId"] as! String) == "compareId"}.first


 let dict = sortedArray.filter{ ($0["parentId"] as! String) == "compareId" }.first

Local search filter using predicate in array of dictionary objects with key name this code use for both swift3 and swift4,4.1 also.

  func updateSearchResults(for searchController: 
       UISearchController) {

   if (searchController.searchBar.text?.characters.count)! > 0 {
       guard let searchText = searchController.searchBar.text, 
       searchText != "" else {
       let searchPredicate = NSPredicate(format: "userName 
        CONTAINS[C] %@", searchText)

       usersDataFromResponse = (filteredArray as 
        NSArray).filtered(using: searchPredicate)

       print ("array = \(usersDataFromResponse)")



Here I use CoreData And I have Array of Dictionary . Here I am filter the key paymentToInvoice that value is invoice array then key invoiceToPeople that key contain People Dictionary then I search FirstName, lastName, Organization multiple key contain searchText. I hope it's helps Please try this Thank You

  var searchDict = dict.filter { (arg0) -> Bool in

       let (key, value) = arg0
       for paymentInfo in (value as! [PaymentInfo]){
            let organization = (Array((value as! [PaymentInfo])[0].paymentToInvoice!)[0] as! InvoiceInfo).invoiceToPeople?.organization
            let firstName = (Array((value as! [PaymentInfo])[0].paymentToInvoice!)[0] as! InvoiceInfo).invoiceToPeople?.firstName
            let lastName = (Array((value as! [PaymentInfo])[0].paymentToInvoice!)[0] as! InvoiceInfo).invoiceToPeople?.lastName
            return organization?.localizedStandardRange(of: searchText) != nil || firstName?.localizedStandardRange(of: searchText) != nil || lastName?.localizedStandardRange(of: searchText) != nil
       return true

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