What tools do you use to develop .net apps? Things that make life easier|quicker. Fiddler was just recommended to me but I'm not sure how it works yet, though it looks interesting. I also use Notepad++ as a quick text editor. Aside from that, it's just VS studio for me.

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Depends on what you need. My setup includes:

  • Visual Studio
  • Visual SVN
  • TeamCity
  • nAnt
  • JetBrains Resharper
  • Resharper is a great tool – Zuuum Nov 1 '10 at 0:47

The 'best', I would say, includes:

  • Reflector - decompiler, lets you view source on dlls that you didn't write
  • ClipX - Clipboar manager. Just try it for a while, you won't know how you ever lived without it.
  • Subversion and Tortoise SVN for version control (many like Team Foundation Server, but it's expensive)
  • LinqPad - building LINQ queries
  • WinMerge - Compare two files for changes, merging differences
  • xUnit (or the slightly more popular NUnitlink text) for unit testing
  • Paint.Net for graphics
  • Power Commands for Visual Studio

Those a my favourite general .net tools - there are more that I would use for specific situations. Of note is Elmah for error handling/reporting in asp.net environments. Also, look at resharper, which is popular, but of which, I'm not a great fan.


Aside from LINQpad & Fiddler2 which I can highly recommend, three I don't see mentioned yet are:

  • Microsoft WebMatrix which includes IIS Express, SQL Compact Edition and the fastest way to get up and running with quick n' dirty ASP.NET code.
  • Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express A step up from WebMatrix, a slightly heavier download, but worth it for the Intellisense.
  • JSON Viewer Often overlooked if working with JSON.

And also,

PokeIn - Server push (comet ajax) for ASP.NET / Mono

MonoDevelop & Mono - Your second best friend on the Linux side ( the first one is QT :) )


Really depends on what you need, and how much you dig into stuff. These are some tools which are an absolute must for me.

  • Notepad++ - Amazingly powerful tabbed editor. [Free]
  • Expression Studio - Good for Silverlight, WPF, Encoding/Decoding media, Designing web sites. Not free [Trial Available]
  • Snagit - Screen capture utility. Not free
  • Fiddler - HTTP Debugging Proxy [Free]
  • Process Monitor [Free, you can use it see Locks, Access Issues, Registry and File Access]
  • Process Explorer [Free, you can replace your Task Manager with it]
  • Debug View [Free. See the debug output from any EXE from most of the languages, something like... System.Diagnostics.Debug.Write["Hi!"] without installing Visual Studio]
  • WinDBG [Good for post production debugging. Free, but a little difficult to learn and master]
  • Debug Diagnostics [Free, Capture dumps for any process]
  • Network Monitor [Free network capturing tool]
  • Reflector [Free utility to help you see the code of any .NET assembly]
  • Bulk Rename Utility [A free utility that will help you rename bunch of files at one shot]
  • WinMerge [Free, compare two files]
  • Foxit Reader [Free, PDF reader... much much much faster than Adobe Reader.]

Hope this helps, Rahul

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