Hi I installed teamcity longtime ago, on my home computer. I am trying to re-use it again now, but I forgot the admin username and password Is there a default admin user name? and how can I get the password?



From TeamCity 8 you can log in as a super user and change the password that way. You just need to use an empty username and last occurrence of the "super user authentication token" found in the logs\teamcity-server.log file as your password.

Please see the following for more information:


Ok, so you've forgot username and password in your teamcity instance.
How to reset password: described here.
How to get username:

  • go to the teamcity data directory
  • open config\database.properties file
  • there is connectionUrl property which points out to database which stores some teamcity settings
  • take a look at users table


After you get the user name you can reset reset its password via the following(copied from linked answer):

  • Open a command prompt and go to \webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\lib folder
  • Run the following: ..\..\..\..\jre\bin\java.exe -cp server.jar;common-api.jar;commons-codec-1.3.jar;util.jar;hsqldb.jar ChangePassword username newpassword
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    I know that it's been two years since topic has been started and @gkar's teamcity probably has been re-installed over 9000 times ... I've posted it for future generation, sort of say :)
    – alex.b
    Sep 14 '12 at 17:50
  • These creds are hashed. The answer is not useful. Jan 18 '17 at 13:54
  • @JosephLust, passwords - yes, user names - no, at least as of time of writing the post.
    – alex.b
    Jan 18 '17 at 17:58

FYI, don't follow the advice of going through the users table. TeamCity is a quality product, so all passwords are salted/hashed (TC 9 below):

mysql [teamcity]> SELECT id,  password FROM users;
|  id | password                                          |
|  21 | k9d9yuE13FtQm8eT:1e24ad492777f94dec0c905127d1ea48 |
|  13 | m1l79Yy03hjoxKdA:199d1ea48e28a78bafde576dd88e6de7 |
|  85 | gOBpYHipOrtEGbUx:88f234847c07085798f9a4f8726e39df |

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