Does Monaco editor support JSX syntax highlighting? I couldn't find any reference related to this.

TL;DR: Nope.

To date (v0.10.1), it does not support JSX highlighting.

Some work has been done here, but is not official and only about syntax.

It can be done, though. This tool has it working. In their repo, they add the "coloring" to it.

The whole idea is to provide a JSX tokenizer to Monaco, which can be plugged into it like in their custom tokenizer example.


CodeSandbox has a way to do it. They add a custom syntax worker that sends soon-to-be-decorations to the editor. I do the same, but I use jscodeshift to get the AST (then findJSXElements) and finally create inline decorations on content changes.

Mine looks like this: Monaco editor with JSX highlights

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