I'm currently experimenting with Docker containers on Windows Server. I've created a number of containers, and I want to see where they are actually saved on the host's file system (like a .vhd file for Hyper-V). Is there a default location I can look, or a way to find that out using Docker CLI?


Other answers suggest the data might be stored in:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Hyper-V\Virtual hard disks\MobyLinuxVM.vhdx

or since the Windows 10 Anniversary Update:


You can find out by entering:

docker info

Credit to / More info:

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    In case the user is using Hyper-v, and not VirtualBox - this answer is correct. My machine back home is using Virtualbox since Hyper-V is not included in Home editions of windows so take it into account – Yaron Idan Nov 14 '16 at 15:34

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